7 Easter Activities Your Kids Will Love

Easter is just around the corner and the shops are filling up with chocolate eggs and masses of other Easter-related paraphernalia. While there are lots of things to buy, there are also lots of things your kids can make during their Easter break. So, we’ve put together a list of some creative pursuits. Get involved with the kids and make it a family affair!

Coloured Eggs


Examples of finished eggs.


This activity is so popular with kids. Even if your child is not particularly “arty”, most kids love getting messy, so this one fits the bill. Get all the kids together, use a plastic table cloth and provide plenty of different colours, along with brushes and sponges. If you want to keep your creations, it is a good idea to pierce both ends of the egg and slowly blow out the contents before you start.

Easter Treasure Map

My 6 year old daughter designed her own treasure map last year and loved doing it. If you don’t have a garden, they can design the map for use in the house instead, leaving clues as to which rooms eggs might be hidden. If your kids enjoy arts and crafts projects, this one will fit the bill nicely.

Easter Brunch


Brunch is a great way of celebrating Easter with family and friends. Guests can each contribute something to the meal, and the later start time means you can sleep in! Con’t forget to use eggs. Here are some terrific egg recipes!

Easter Egg Hunt


If you live in warmer climates, you might like to hide some plastic eggs in the garden to make sure they don’t melt. Once you’ve found them all, you can substitute them for the real, delicious thing!

Egg Roll

This game is like bowls. Mark an egg so that it stands out from the rest, then place it on the floor. Get each child to roll their egg towards the marked egg. Whoever rolls their egg closest, wins the game!

Hot Cross Buns

There is something so special about home-made hot cross buns. They taste fantastic and are not difficult to make. This recipe is foolproof and very tasty. You can get the kids to help you pipe on the crosses, before they go in the oven.


Make An Easter Cake

Make any sort of cake, and buy some ready roll icing in different colours. This is an easy way for kids to decorate an Easter themed cake or cupcakes.


And, don’t forget to make a nest, just in case the bunny decides to put his eggs in there instead of the garden. Happy Easter!

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