Top Picks for Toddlers – 2016

DockATot Babies and toddlers often need more than one bed. Most parents want something portable when their children are small, but don’t necessarily want to invest in a travel cot. They can be cumbersome and heavy, but there are alternatives.   The DockATot is a safe, portable, multi-functioning sleeping dock for babies and toddlers. Great […]


Allergies – What You Need To Know

What Is An Allergic Reaction? An allergic reaction is how our immune system responds to a substance that is otherwise harmless to other people. For those who have allergies, their immune system treats the substance (allergen) as an invader, and overreacts, causing symptoms that range from mildly annoying to serious or life-threatening. When your immune system […]


10 Tips For A Fun Mealtime

​If your child is not eating well enough, then maybe you need to develop some mealtime fun. Unsurprisingly, children eat better when they are hungry, and there will be times when they don’t have much of an appetite. This means TV or games they were playing before mealtime can distract them and they are more likely […]

good parent

10 Tips on Being Good Parents

​If you are struggling with your child’s behavior, your relationship with your child may need attention. Being a good parent promotes honesty, empathy, self-control, kindness, self-reliance, cooperation and cheerfulness. It also encourages intellectual motivation, curiosity and a desire to achieve. It also protects your children from experiencing anxiety, eating disorders, depression, anti-social behavoir and, drug and alcohol […]

stay at home

The Importance of Family Mealtime

​Aside from making sure that you prepare delicious meals for your family, it is also important to eat together as a family, especially for your children. This is even more important as they get older. Family meal time is very important for a couple of reasons: Children who eat together with the families are less […]

early learning

How Does Creative Play Help Your Child’s Development?

​Let your child be creative through artistic activities and creative play because these are also important for your child’s overall development. They also help nourish their imagination and develop problem-solving, motor and thinking skills. Why is it important? Music, dance, drama and visual art nurture imagination and creativity in toddlers. These activities also help your […]

positive parenting

What is Positive Parenting?

​As you try to balance the demands of your everyday life, you may feel overwhelmed and doubt your parenting abilities from time to time. But, you can achieve positive parenting. Try to focus on your children and how wonderful it is to have them in your life. Do not focus on the negative things about being […]


How to Deal With Tantrums

​Tantrums are common in toddlers and preschoolers – it is how they deal with difficult feelings. It helps if you avoid the situations that may trigger your child’s tantrums and have plans in place for managing them. While it can be stressful dealing with them, try not to worry, they tend to wear off after the […]