Assessing Your Child’s Early Reading Potential

Is your child getting ready to start reading? Children who get a head start with reading statistically have a greater chance of excelling in school and finishing tertiary education, than children who learn to read at a later age. There are a number of ways you can assess your child’s readiness to start reading, and their early reading potential. […]


Toys for Hearing or Vision Impaired Kids

Kids with hearing or vision impairment understandably find it more difficult to play many of the games other kids play. They also have a more difficult time playing with certain toys. There are plenty of games and toys available for children with hearing and visual impairment. They are designed to help them learn and have fun at […]

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Early Learning Experiences

Early Learning Can Be a Fun Bonding Experience There’s nothing quite like the many and varied feelings associated with parenthood. The good times make the bad completely worth the responsibilities that come with the territory. Can I Really Teach My Own Child? Parents will often be a child’s first teachers, so they have a unique […]