Toys for Hearing or Vision Impaired Kids

Kids with hearing or vision impairment understandably find it more difficult to play many of the games other kids play. They also have a more difficult time playing with certain toys. There are plenty of games and toys available for children with hearing and visual impairment. They are designed to help them learn and have fun at […]


Save With These Shopping Solutions

There are very few of us who aren’t feeling the effects of higher prices on just about everything. Pair these price hikes with the continuing global economic woes, and most of us are looking for ways to cut corners and save some money. As inconvenient as it is, many of us are finding it essential to […]

You & Your Bump

Pregnancy Pain Management

Having a baby should be a wonderful experience for a woman, and it shouldn’t be marred by the pain pregnancy and childbirth can cause. There are many ways you can manage pain during your pregnancy – some are medical in nature and others are alternative, non-medicated treatments. You have to choose what’s right for you and […]

stay at home

Being A Stay At Home Mother

Everything in life, including every decision you make is in some way a trade off. You give something and you get something in return. This is how life works, and the decision to become a stay at home mother is one of those decisions. Because the decision is a very personal one, it can be hard […]

early learning

Early Learning Experiences

Early Learning Can Be a Fun Bonding Experience There’s nothing quite like the many and varied feelings associated with parenthood. The good times make the bad completely worth the responsibilities that come with the territory. Can I Really Teach My Own Child? Parents will often be a child’s first teachers, so they have a unique […]


Top Picks for Toddlers – 2016

DockATot Babies and toddlers often need more than one bed. Most parents want something portable when their children are small, but don’t necessarily want to invest in a travel cot. They can be cumbersome and heavy, but there are alternatives.   The DockATot is a safe, portable, multi-functioning sleeping dock for babies and toddlers. Great […]


Hormonal Imbalance and Headaches

When you experience a hormonal imbalance, it can seem like your entire body is working against you. A hormonal imbalance can manifest itself in many ways, not just with headaches that occur during your period, but in your energy levels, your mood, your ability to exercise, your appetite, your ability to cope with stress – […]


Allergies – What You Need To Know

What Is An Allergic Reaction? An allergic reaction is how our immune system responds to a substance that is otherwise harmless to other people. For those who have allergies, their immune system treats the substance (allergen) as an invader, and overreacts, causing symptoms that range from mildly annoying to serious or life-threatening. When your immune system […]

You & Your Bump

Swelling During Pregnancy – What Should You Do?

During pregnancy, many women will experienced mild swelling in their hands, face and ankles. As your due date approaches, the swelling (edema) may become more noticeable. It happens when excess fluid accumulate in your body tissue. It is quite normal to have some swelling during pregnancy, because your body is retaining more water. There will also be changes in […]